Tiger Driving School has classes scheduled over  the 2017 school year that make it easy to find a time that's convenient for you and your teens to enroll. Drivers Education at Tiger Driving School provides a great environment for learning safe driving techniques in all weather conditions. Tiger Driving School has classes scheduled throughout the spring, summer, fall, and winter for you and your teen's convenience. With 3-4 classes a month Tiger Driving School works with you and your teen's busy schedule to make sure they get the Drivers Education they need and have time for their other school activities and engagements.

Enrolling your teen driver in a driving school not only potentially lowers your insurance rates, but it also gives you the peace of mind knowing they are being taught by a trained professional. (We are Members of the Professional Driving School Association of Oklahoma, and The Driving School Association of the Americas). Parents, students, please read our FEES & RULES page and if you want to enroll in a class, please follow the instructions below, or call us for more information.

**We are now offering Defensive Driving Classes too. Please check below for the class dates, Defensive Driving Classes are all 6 hours long, either on one Saturday, or on two consecutive week nights for 3 hours each night. We are also offering group rates and are able to hold these classes at your workplace or church, Call our office for more information, 918.955.2908


Classroom hours for Drivers Ed are:          Saturday's 10am - 4pm   and    Sunday's 12pm - 4pm.

Classroom hours for Defensive Driving are?   Saturday's 9am - 3pm.  or Tuesday's-Wednesday's 6 - 9pm.



Instructions for enrolling your student is easy, just pick a class date below that works best for you and simply click on the REGISTRATION tab on the toolbar above, and follow the instructions.

***** We have added new classes so if you have visited before that date please look for our additional new class dates**


April 2017

1-2        Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

8-9        Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

18-19    Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

22-23    Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

29-30    Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun


May 2017

6-7       Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

16-17   Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

20-21   Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

25-26   Basic Driver Ed, Thur/Fri ** This is a special weekday class to avoid Memorial day weekend, class on Thurs-Fri subject to spring snow days


June 2017

3-4      Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

10-11   Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

16-17   Basic Driver Ed, Fri/Sat/ This is a special Friday, Saturday class to allow for Sunday Fathers Day.

20-21   Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

24-25   Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun


July 2017

1-2      Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

8-9      Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

15-16  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

18-19  Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

22-23  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

29-30  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun


August 2017

5-6      Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

12-13  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

15-16  Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

19-20  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

26-27  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun


September 2017

2-3      Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun  (Labor Day Weekend)

9-10    Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

16-17  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

19-20  Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

23-24  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

30-1    Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun


October 2017

30-1    Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

7-8      Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

14-15  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

17-18  Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

21-22  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

28-29  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun


November 2017

4-5      Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

11-12  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

18-19  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

21-22  Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

25-26  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun  * (Thanksgiving Weekend, Pending depending on interest)


December 2017

2-3      Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

9-10    Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

16-17  Basic Driver Ed, Sat/Sun

19-20  Defensive Driving Class Tues/Wed

27-28  Basic Driver Ed, *(Wednesday/Thursday Class over Christmas Break)



1. Pick a weekend class (from list above) that works best with your schedule.

2. Just click on the REGISTRATION tab on the toolbar above , (this will lock up your spot quicker) or you can follow step 3 below.

3. If your UNABLE to register online then Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and provide ALL of the following:

  • The class dates you wish to enroll in:

  • The students full name (including full middle), address, date of birth, and student and parent phone numbers.

4. Wait for a reply email giving you all the details you will need to know for the class!!

YES, it's that easy to enroll !!!     :-)


*All classes are schedules are subject to change at any time, so always call or email to confirm your class dates. For more information about our upcoming classes, school and office hours, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call at 918.955.2908.*