Requirements for Enrollment in Tiger Driving School

  • Must be 15 years of age to start class, (ideally 15 years 5-6 months old)
  • Must have one form of identification from these listed below Please bring this to first day class enrollment
  • Birth Certificate
  • Oklahoma State issued ID card
  • Oklahoma State issued permit (if student already possesses)
  • Passport


Requirements for State of Oklahoma Written Test /Permit

  • Must be 15.5 years old
  • Must be enrolled in and have begun drivers education (will receive letter from us 2nd day of class)
  • Must have letter stating currently enrolled in school (obtain from current school office)
  • Must have letter stating student passed 8th grade reading test (obtain from current school office)
  • Must have 2 forms of ID, birth certificate and social security card, or passport are best or school ID if photo



  • Basic Drivers Education is $350.00 all inclusive, 10 hours of classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel private lessons, (4/90min lessons), text book, lunch, and free valet pick up and delivery for lessons, local to Broken Arrow, Coweta, South, Midtown and East Tulsa. Other locations through TDS approval only. We don't valet south of the river, west of Sheridan (north of 71st), or north of 21st without prior arrangements. Students must be brought to local pickup and drop off spots closer to our area, usually QT's.
  • Tiger Package, $595.00 all inclusive, as above but includes 10 hours classroom and 10.5 hours of behind the wheel private lessons (7/90min lessons). This package is tailored for international student drivers and students who might need extra attention, or a very nervous or simply have a parent who is nervous or doesn't have much time to take the student driving.
  • 1.5 hour (90 min) private driving lesson $85.00
  • Tiger 6 pack, which is  4 / 1.5hr (90min) lessons for $300.00/ total 6 hours. Our best value!!
  • Road Test $25.00   (Drivers Ed Students Only) at Tiger Driving School location only (certified by the Oklahoma Dept of Public safety)
  • Road Test with Prep Drive $75.00  ($25.00 road test, $50.00/ 60min prep drive) total of $75.00 at Tiger Driving School location only (certified by the Oklahoma Dept of Public safety)
  • Road Test / Prep Drive for the DPS test site only. $100.00, we set up appointment with DPS and includes valet pickup and a 30 min prep drive to the DPS test site. Includes up to 2 hours wait time at the DPS while you take your driving test while you use our vehicle, Valet back home. (Driver must have completed at least 1/90 minute lesson with TDS prior to taking this package).
  • Defensive Driving  $50.00 Now available, check class dates tab on the toolbar to select a class date that works best for you.



  • Tiger Driving School is licensed by the State of Oklahoma, Department of Public Safety (OKDPS)

  • 10 hours of classroom instruction

    / 6 hours of individualized behind the wheel driving instruction (no simulator) total 16hrs.




  • Additional requirements or fees are listed at the Tiger Driving School office





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