Q: What is the difference between Tiger Driving School and other area schools?

A: The biggest difference is that we offer our class at an all-inclusive price, we

don't require you to pay additional fees for 'extras' such as pickup/drop-off

during driving lessons. Our class includes 10 hours of classroom, 6 hours

of private driving lessons, lunch on the first day of class, an actual Oklahoma drivers

manual that the student gets to keep, and free pickup/drop-off.*

We spread out the driving lessons over the amount of time a student is required

to hold their permit (usually 6 months), most students complete our course in 6-7 months.

We save the final lesson for test day. We have found this yields the best result.


Q: How old does my child have to be to take drivers education?

A: At least 15 years old; but we recommend the child take our class when they

are 15 years and 5 months old. The closer to their 15 ½ birthday, the fresher

the material will be, giving them a better opportunity to pass their permit test

the first time.


Q: How long is my child required by law to hold their drivers permit?

A: At least 6 months, with no tickets or wrecks, unless they reach the age of 18.


Q: What does Tiger Driving School offer for the $350 fee?

A: The $350 includes 10 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of one-on-one

Driving lessons. The 10 hours of classroom instruction is held over one weekend;

6 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday.


Q: What time is the weekend class?

A: Saturday 10am - 4pm & Sunday 12pm - 4pm.


Q: How does the 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction work?

A: Typically we do 4 / 1.5 hour (90min) lessons over the full 6 months the child holds

their permit, averaging 1 lesson every 6-8 weeks. This doesn't always apply to every

student we teach.


Q: When can my child test for their permit?

A: The law says they can take their permit/written test at the age of 15 1/2 as long as

they are enrolled in and have begun drivers ed.


Q: What paperwork does my child need in order to take the permit test?

A: Besides 2 forms of identification, they'll also need a certificate saying

they've enrolled in and begun drivers education (we give that out at the end of

class on Sunday). They must also obtain "driver’s license paperwork" from the

school they're currently enrolled in, and provide their SSN.


Q: What is the "Drivers license paperwork"?

A: It's a single sheet of paper you request from the school your child is currently enrolled in,

stating they are in fact enrolled in school, and that they've passed the 8th grade reading proficiency test.


Q: What if my child already has their permit when they sign up with Tiger Driving School?

A: In these cases we work with the child/parent as best we can to get the 6

hours of drive time in before their 6 months of holding the permit is up.

We can't please everyone, but we sure do try!! In situations

like this, we recommend you contact us with your specifics and we can come up

with a plan that best suits everyone.


Q: How far out do you book driving lessons?

A: We typically book 2-3 weeks out. It also depends on

instructor and student availability. Remember this is a seasonal

business, we are really busy during summers, holiday, and school breaks.


Q: What do I need bring to Tiger Driving School for Saturday morning enrollment?

A: We need one form of identification. We like to have the child's Birth Certificate.

We also accept passport, state ID card, or permit (if they already have it).

We will a make copy of the form of identification during Saturday morning enrollment.


Q: Do you offer behind the wheel testing?

A: Yes, we are the only Broken Arrow School that is certified to

Administer the OKDPS road test. Ideally we give it right after

their final driving lesson.


Q: Do you Test Non-TDS Students and the General Public

A: Yes, we can test the public and non TDS students, Prices are

listed on the Fees-Rules Page, and are subject to our computer

system being able to pull them up. (Queuing). All Road Tests are

done in a TDS State Certified Drivers Ed Car for insurance reasons.